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Coda is a 6-step Executive Pitch Development Process delivered over six, one-hour online executive learning sprints. The programme offers a unique blend of self-paced online executive learning content with the option of booking live virtual executive coaching and support for teams of up to 12 people with near term pitch challenges. I am happy to work with you to sharpen your pitch using agile methods.


CODA is the outcome of the combination of 3 years of research into best pitch practices and the culmination of my experience gained over 30 years of pitching to marketing and commercial and C-suite audiences in over 5 countries. It distils it into six simple yet profound steps for anyone who's career depends pitching effectively, by taking you into a journey of the workings of ultra sensory communication, where words, sound, pictures and motion are much more than what they seem. 


This programme will be ideal for professional service providers, as well as innovation and management teams going into pitch contests.


I had decided to use these pictures taken during the Covid 19 Lockdown as an affirmation of the resilience of the human condition to carry on, even in the face of adversarial conditions. Please stay safe wherever you are, and keep fighting  to make your contribution to society.

Send me a Whatsapp message if you are interested in learning more about how the programme works

+44 7404 753352

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