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Thinkshops are knowledge transfer platforms and content offered to practitioners as a collaborative service. They provide the latest thinking and techniques to enrich practice. Delivered through a combination of practice oriented case studies, teaching and research techniques with the opportunity to offer consulting and advisory services. Thinkshops also offer a way for industry practitioners to collaborate and help develop research and teaching content for business students.


ThinkTank Business Games are a range of Business case studies training modules across business functions and industries. We incorporate business simulation and team based training techniques and software into the heart of our training pedagogy. This offers participants a deeper, more realistic and experiential sense of the challenges similar to that which they will face in the real world. This is complimented with the traditional formats of instruction to bring the learning home.  Student outputs from the sessions are fed into the case simulation further enriching the response bank.


StoryTeller is a robust qualitative research framework which can be deployed to better understand problems that require insights to forge solutions. The beauty of the methodology lies in its ability to provide the client with rich descriptive data. The analysis of naturally occurring talk, digital content and other documents is distilled into powerful narratives and presented as executive stories and case studies which then allow decision-makers to make informed choices. 



CreativeSpar is a creative problem solving and rapid brand innovation frame work delivered as a 1-3 day Thinkshop. Participants are brought into an immersive environment and undergo a sequence of experiential learning activities which empowers them to question and challenge the conventional notions that have formed around conventions and widely held notions. The process opens the door to break through thinking and disruptive leaps of faith which can power brands into the future.


Seminar is a customisable cloud-based audio-visual coaching and learning content management platform that delivers effective follow on, continuous and self-paced learning for geographically distributed teams. The platform caters to all organisations. Smaller organisations can subscribe to learning content already developed and deployed, while larger organisations requiring more bespoke content can have that specially developed and implemented for them. 



Coda is a 6-step Executive Pitch Development Process delivered over six, one-hour online executive learning sprints. The programme offers a unique blend of self-paced online executive learning content with the option of booking live virtual executive coaching and support for teams of up to 12 people with near term pitch challenges. I am happy to work with you to sharpen your pitch using agile methods. Coda is the output of a combination of best practice research and the culmination of experience gained over 30 years of marketing and commercial pitches delivered to commercial teams as well as over 18, marketing, commercial and C-suite leaders in over 5 countries. This programme will be ideal for professional service providers, as well as innovation and management teams going into pitch contests.

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